Zlín, a city with a strong business tradition, is home to GASTON, an international company boasting brands such as Franz Josef Kaiser, Giana, and now also Asia Time.

We have been a player on the non-perishable food market since 1991, which means that we have been importing and exporting quality food from all over the world for more than 25 years. Today, our offices are spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe - in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia. Their responsibility is delivering our products to the full satisfaction of customers in approximately 20 countries.

We choose the very best products for you from all over the world, including olive oil and olives, canned fish, stewed fruit and sterilised vegetables, as well as dry pulses, rice, pasta and many other products. Our products can be found in leading supermarket chains. Where do we import products from? Imports come from Thailand, Greece, Ecuador, Peru, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, India, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, China and others.

In addition to end consumers, we focus on wholesale distributors and the goods are supplied to our partners in retail, catering and industry packaging. With the business links we have built, our capabilities even include support for exports of your own products.

If you are interested in cooperation, we are eager to hear from you. 


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